.Statement 19th January 2012
How it all began....

A simple question posted on the Bulldog rescue Facebook page ‘ any one heard of BARALASIS????’
This was picked up from this advertisement on the www.

DUE TO HAVING A SLIGHT PROBLEM WITH HER BOTTOM. ITS CALLED BARALASIS WITCH IS PINS AND NEEDLES IN THE BUM AREA WITCH IS MAKING HER INCONTINENT THE VETS HAVE SAID SHE WILL GROW UP TO LIVE A NORMAL LIFE WILL JUST TAKE TIME SHE WILL BE ABLE TO HAVE PUPS WHEN SHE IS OLDER. she is a happy little thing and loves playing and it dont bother her in anyway, plz ring 4 more info UPDATE She is getting better day by day and she only gets incontinent after food or when she is very excited

None of us in Rescue nor the vet we consulted had ever heard of this made up condition ! neither had google !
This has  led to an amazing chain of events, it  sparked interest in what was happening  and the Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Group   Face book page members started following what was going on .
It transpired that the puppy was sold for £800 to a young lady who signed a paper saying she knew the puppy had health issues but accepted  and had had it explained to her and was buying her at the agreed price.

Next day ,less than 24hours after the puppy had been in the new home the person who bought her realised she had taken on much more than she could cope with because the puppy was continuously passing faeces ,and was quite weak on her back legs .She asked for her money back and to return the puppy. The breeder refused saying she had signed to say she knew the pup had problems and would not accept the puppy back or return the money.

It was at this point watching this posting Rescue  began to worry, never mind the ethics of the breeder all we  could think about was someone had an incontinent puppy that they no longer wanted but needed to recoup their money .
Our face book questioner began to pursue the problem finding out the breeder and then the purchaser, so we still had the problem an unwanted puppy going to be passed on …. A breeder who totally refused to take responsibility for a puppy whom, in that condition should not have been sold.!

Bulldog Rescue take very seriously the role of being rescuers, fortunately the number of true rescues of ill treatment and actual cruelty is quite small, but we have had experience in the past of this type of health problem and we know from bitter experience that the puppy who is very cute looking grows into a full sized bulldog who because of the stench is quickly relegated to the outside.
If it is lucky it gets a warm kennel, if it is not it gets left in the garden shed and lies in a bed full of poop and pee and burns its skin so badly it becomes infected and sore.

This is not a maybe it’s a fact, we have had quite a few dogs in this condition.

One beautiful male aged 2 had been given to a young family in Nottinghamshire about 2 years ago; they loved him and thought they could cope. When we were called in to look at him to see if he could be rehomed through the rescue, because the neighbours had called in environmental health. we were quite unprepared, first of all the smell, the instant the door was opened. We were  then shown the dog through the window, they were reluctant to go out in the yard because the dog leaked poop all the time. The yard had been cleaned but all around the walls at bulldog bottom height was splattered faeces .
He was a very sweet boy but could not come indoors and no one went out to play with him. They were desperately hoping to save him but knew in their hearts that no one would cope with this level of care .As he showed weakness in his rear legs they didn’t know if he was hurting .He was seen by a vet diagnosed with hemivertebrae  and was PTS.

We were therefore very aware of how this puppy may end up if we didn’t step in. The Rescue Facebook members suggested if through negotiations we could get the new owner to sell her to us, we could raise the money by donation.
Our intrepid Facebook member worked hard on setting up the purchase whilst Tania set up Pay pal to handle the donations and we put out an appeal.
Rescue has a set figure of £100 with  which we can purchase dogs with ,but we still needed to raise £700.

Overnight this money came in, in large amounts, in small amounts, people gave what they could and gave it willingly to purchase this puppy and save it from being passed around.

We made it quite clear that there was no guarantee that the puppy would be able to be homed but that it was needed to be got out of the circulation of sellable dogs!  Urgently, whatever this puppies outcome when she has been vet examined we know and the Facebook page members know ,that no one will ill-treat, or misunderstand that puppy again.

She belongs to Rescue now and will be looked after ,have medical care  and be assessed for life expectancy and quality of life ,as her back end is weak we are also aware she may be in pain .

Yes, the Breeder sold her and kept the money, refused to take her back totally wrong!!! but we couldn’t wait for litigation, the puppy had to be got out of that situation .
The new owner was naïve thinking she had got a bargain puppy  but quickly realised her mistake  and a reputable breeder [who would never have sold such a poorly puppy in the first place ]should have taken her back and refunded  the money .

Fact remains the dog needed getting before it was sold on, the wonderful members of the Facebook group provided the means to buy, pay for her  X-ray,  to get her into Rescue  and at the end of the day that is what Rescue is all about .
The Puppy… is safe  from that scenario she’s cuddled up in the determined ladies house right now , she’s got to be assessed by an experienced vet  and her future will be decided .Whatever that is the group of people who worked together on this cannot be thanked enough.
Bulldog Rescue will give a further update as to the puppy’s condition when we know ourselves the extent of her problems.
Thank you all very much for caring and helping this  dog out of a crisis .

Vicky Collins-Nattrass
Chairman Trustee on Behalf of Bulldog Rescue  and Rehoming Charitable Trust

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